The Ogger Club V2 - Quick Start

Welcome to the Club!


Synchronize Collection

[Top navigation > "Sync Collection"]

Synchronize Collection

"User tasks page"

[Top navigation, user menu > "Tasks"]

Check task status

A pending task: Task

A task in progress: Task

A completed task: Task

Collection Settings

[Top navigation, user menu > "Collection Settings"]

Select which fields to use in your personalized Collection View.

Perform this step each time you want to change the fields displayed in your Collection View.


An example of a generated collection view: Collection view


[Top navigation > "Collection"]


[Top navigation > "Artists"]

Synchronize Collection first.

Play Log

[Top navigation > "Play log"]

Synchronize Collection first.

Inventory, Wants, Lists

Simply Synchronize the data, no further settings are necessary.

Optional: Beta Program

If you have been invited to the Beta Program, here is how to activate it.

This document was last updated on 30 October 2020.