Take your collection management to the next level with Tags.

When you Sync your Colection, tags are automatically created for you for the following fields:

You can also add your own custom tags in the following way:

1. Add a custom field to your Collection in Discogs.

Name it "Tags".

2. Fill in some tags in Discogs

Separate multiple tags by a comma: ,

Example: Various, Vinyl, Jazz, Hard Bop

3. Enjoy in The Ogger Club

Synchronize your Collection and filter it by Tags.

Filter by any / all of specific Tags, excluding items containing any / all other Tags.

Show all the large Vinyl items (LP, 12") from "Artist Name":
Include ALL: Artist Name, Vinyl
Exclude ANY: 10", 7"

Tags is a special feature of the Ogger Club. The data is stored in a custom field in your Discogs Collection, as well as locally in the Ogger Club system.