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[...] synchronize your collection and then generate a collection view with the fields (columns) you want in it. Then it gives you search boxes in the column headers.
[...] imports your Discogs collection, and allows sorting by all fields. It also allows collection tagging. For example, I like sorting artists by last name, and sorting related artists together. I created a custom Main Artist field, and now I can sort artists according to my preferences.
Basically, you let it retrieve your Discogs collection, and it adds a bunch of functionality to the interface, including the ability to search and filter a user created “tags” field.
It took about 5 minutes to import my collection and figure out that you can sort on custom fields created in your Discogs collection.
[...]third party web application that sources some info from Discogs (via API) and adds (and maintains) additional data. This enables additional features, such as the aforementioned easy comparison of collections.
Have you ever wondered which of the releases in your Wanted list are in some other user's Collection? Currently Discogs doesn't show this, but there is a website where you can create an "Intersection" of releases which are in your Wantlist and in another user's Collection so you can quickly see which releases the user has that you want. Visit Ogger Club and just log-in with your existing Discogs account credentials.
It gives you a list of what you and another user have in common in your wantlist, collection, and inventory. [...] It is great for figuring out things to trade with friends.


Advanced functionality for the discerning Discogs user.

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Hello visitor,
My name is Radu and I'm an Ogger.


I wanted to sort / search my Collection by custom fields, and one thing led to another.